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We are Temporarily Closed

April 16, 2020 – We are deeply enjoyed sharing our love for food with Old Saybrook and our patrons. It is with a heavy heart that we must close our doors until this pandemic has run it’s course. We think everyone that has supported us for nearly 10 years, and throughout the uncertainty of these past few weeks. We hope to serve you all again.

Local Suggestions

Sharing Our Love of Food With You

House Made Soups

Some people say that Delicious Soups are not summer dishes. You need to stop listening to those kind of people. No one needs that kind of negativity in their life.

We Love Rotisserie

Rotisserie Meats are Delicious! That’s just a fact. We aren’t about to argue with science. That is why the meats for our Spectacular Sandwiches and Entrees are rotisserie in-house.

Butchered Meats

That’s right. You won’t find any pre-sliced deli meats in our Succulent Entrees & Sandwiches. Is there anything better that a knowing your food is fresh and delicious?

Creative Dressings

Dressing might seem like an exhausted concept, but we go out of our way to bring out the true flavor or our Fresh Salads through our creative dressing combos.

Fresh Pickles

We make our own pickles to maintain our high level of standards with what we consider a perfect sandwich companion. Fun Fact: Chef David Saunders’ middle name is actually Dill.

Signature Aioli

We are so proud of our Signature Aioli recipe that by popular demand we are now offering it in the same size options as our soups! We are so sure you’ll love our aioli that we offer a free sampler ever day.

Join Our Loyalty Program

We are very excited to offer a brand new Loyalty Program using the Clover App. Simply check-in with and order, the app will keep track of everything else.

Add Chips and A Pickle to Your Order

for only $150

Add 1 (one) Bag of Chips and 1 (one) Pickle to your order for just a $1.50 more, while supplies last.

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